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    1 yard of Vintage Applique Trim$3.99SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    1898 Photo Pin$16.00In Stock
    1917 Red Cross Pins$4.50In Stock
    1924 Brass Shield Cuff Link$3.99In Stock
    Antique 1890's Unused Checks$2.99In Stock
    Antique Album Page - Eight$5.99In Stock
    Antique Album Page - Seven$7.99In Stock
    Antique Chippy Doorplates$4.50SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique English Pin Box$12.99SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Gem Types$4.50In Stock
    Antique Glass Negative Plate$5.99In Stock
    Antique I.O.F. Ribbons$19.99In Stock
    Antique Large Cabinet Cards$3.50In Stock
    Antique Metal Photo Button$9.99SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Tin Ceiling Tiles$14.00In Stock
    Masonite Clock Face - 1$6.99In Stock
    Masonite Clock Face - 2$6.99In Stock
    New Old Stock Toy Watch$9.99In Stock
    Old Store Stock Shoes Laces$2.50In Stock
    Reproduction Velvet Leaves$6.99In Stock
    Set of 2 German Candle Clips$5.99In Stock
    Set of 2 Vintage Eye Water Boxes$5.99In Stock
    Set of 3 Vintage Bird Whistles$5.99In Stock
    Set of 4 Bunny Picks$4.50In Stock
    Set of Vintage Christmas Paper Plates$10.50In Stock
    Suit Sample Fabric Binders$6.99SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Sweet Vintage White Hankies$4.50In Stock
    Time Flies Mixed Media Kit - SALE!$18.00In Stock
    True Vintage - Buttons$3.99In Stock
    True Vintage - Milk Caps$3.99In Stock
    Victorian Fireplace Tiles$3.99In Stock
    Vintage Bingo Style Stamps$4.50SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Black Grungy Ink Bottles$5.99In Stock
    Vintage Brass Bell Findings$1.99In Stock
    Vintage Brier Rose Labels$1.50In Stock
    Vintage Card Seed Co Envelopes$3.99In Stock
    Vintage Cardboard Bobbin Set$3.99In Stock
    Vintage Catholic Forester Flags$2.50In Stock
    Vintage Cottage Cheese Caps$2.50In Stock
    Vintage Couch Folk Art Pin Cushion - SALE!$8.99In Stock
    Vintage Dennison Crepe Paper - Hot Pink$3.99In Stock
    Vintage Dennison Crepe Paper - Navy$3.99In Stock
    Vintage Dennison Gummed Mending Tape$5.50In Stock
    Vintage Double Cola Cups$5.99In Stock
    Vintage Double Sided Price Signs$8.99In Stock
    Vintage Dr. Wells Bags$6.50In Stock
    Vintage Embossing Plates$1.99In Stock
    Vintage Feedsack Honeycomb Quilt Sections$4.99In Stock
    Vintage First Aid Boxes$5.99In Stock
    Vintage Folding Price Tags$6.50In Stock
    Vintage Folding Ruler$9.99In Stock
    Vintage French Embroidered Number Trim$9.99In Stock
    Vintage French Wire Mesh$14.00In Stock
    Vintage General Store Shelf Signs$2.50In Stock
    Vintage Kettle Handles$6.99In Stock
    Vintage Large Elsie Ice Cream Cups$5.50In Stock
    Vintage Large Protractor$2.50In Stock
    Vintage Marion Cherries Labels$1.99In Stock
    Vintage Metal Numbered Bands$2.99In Stock
    Vintage Metal Religious Pins$2.50In Stock
    Vintage Mid-Century Coffee Lids$2.50SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage New Old Stock Watercolors$13.50In Stock
    Vintage Notary Seal Plates$7.50In Stock
    Vintage Optometrist Testing Lenses$4.50In Stock
    Vintage Orlox Boxes$2.99In Stock
    Vintage Pastel Pencil Set$1.99In Stock
    Vintage Pencils with Red Cross Symbol$2.99In Stock
    Vintage Pillowcase Trim$3.99In Stock
    Vintage Plastic Pricing Stamps$3.99In Stock
    Vintage Prince Albert Cans$10.99In Stock
    Vintage Queen Seal Labels$1.99In Stock
    Vintage Red & Green Flags$1.99In Stock
    Vintage Red Buckle Cards$2.50SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Red Velvet Flowers$4.99In Stock
    Vintage Red/Green Caps $3.50In Stock
    Vintage Ruffled Cream Elastic on Cards$8.99In Stock
    Vintage Screen Patches$3.50In Stock
    Vintage Silk Shank Button Card$2.50In Stock
    VIntage Small Elsie Ice Cream Cups$5.99In Stock
    Vintage Sonny Boy Cigar Labels$1.99In Stock
    Vintage Style Flower Pins$4.50In Stock
    Vintage Style Velvet Cream Flowers$7.99In Stock
    Vintage Tiny Creamers$3.50In Stock
    Vintage Tobacco Advertising Easel - SALE!$4.50In Stock
    Vintage Tobacco Pouches$5.50In Stock
    Vintage Type Ribbon Tins$6.99In Stock
    Vintage Unused Small Northlite Flour Sack $6.99In Stock
    Vintage Van Dyke Lead Cases$2.99In Stock
    Vintage Wooden Ice Cream Spoons$1.99In Stock
    Vintage Wooden Needle Holders$2.50SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Woven Tailor Labels$1.99In Stock
    Vintage Yard Domino Set$5.99In Stock
    Vintage Yearbook Print Blocks$4.50In Stock

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