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JBS Mercantile JBS Mercantile JBS Mercantile JBS Mercantile JBS Mercantile
JBS Mercantile
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    1898 Photo Pin$16.00In Stock
    1930's Cardboard Store Display- 4/15$48.00In Stock
    Antique Beaded Pouch Style Purse$36.00In Stock
    Antique Cardboard Shoe Sign$24.00In Stock
    Antique Glass Slides$3.99In Stock
    Antique Jeweler & Optician Catalog$46.00In Stock
    Antique Manicure Set$26.00In Stock
    Antique Monarch Glass Coffee Bin$38.00In Stock
    Antique Photo Album - 3/15$62.00In Stock
    Antique Photo Pin - 061512$18.00In Stock
    Antique Seashell Photo Souvenir$18.00In Stock
    Antique Small Beaded Purse$42.00In Stock
    Antique Smead's Bank File$14.00In Stock
    Antique Tobacco Tin -070112$18.50In Stock
    Antique Wedding Portrait - 1 - 071514$22.00In Stock
    Antique Wedding Portrait - 2 - 071514$22.00In Stock
    Antique Wedding Portrait - 3 - 071514$14.00In Stock
    Beautiful Antique Tapestry $60.00In Stock
    Set of 2 Antique Clock/Watch Works$12.00In Stock
    Set of 2 Vintage Amber Bottles$12.00In Stock
    Set of 2 Vintage Cardboard Houses - 3 - SALE!$16.00In Stock
    Set of 2 Vintage Seashell Boxes$28.00In Stock
    Set of 3 1920's Graduation Announcements$22.00In Stock
    Set of 3 Boxes of Microscope Slides$18.00In Stock
    Set of 3 Vintage Gurley Turkey Candles$24.00In Stock
    Set of 5 Antique Alphabet Blocks - 7/15 $9.99In Stock
    Set of 9 Cream German Nut Cups$18.00In Stock
    Set of Vintage Drinking Straws $14.00In Stock
    Victorian Engraved Ring Box$32.00In Stock
    Vintage Advertising Menswear Cards$4.50In Stock
    Vintage Bridge Placecard Holders - 5/14$3.99In Stock
    Vintage Cigar Wrappers - Red & Green$5.50In Stock
    Vintage Desk Collection - 11/14$28.00In Stock
    Vintage Double Mushroom Planter$22.00In Stock
    Vintage Drug Store Catalog Pages$22.00In Stock
    Vintage Dymo Tapewriter $46.00In Stock
    Vintage Florida Shell Dish$12.00In Stock
    Vintage Handmade Key Holder$18.00In Stock
    Vintage Hardback 1916 Manuals$7.99In Stock
    Vintage Heavy Microscope$32.00In Stock
    Vintage Incubation Thermometer$16.00In Stock
    Vintage Indian Basket - 10/14$42.00In Stock
    Vintage Industrial Tag Set$8.50In Stock
    Vintage Large Brown Thread Spool$12.00In Stock
    Vintage Leather Shoes - SALE!$24.00In Stock
    Vintage Metal Brach's Candy Display$58.00In Stock
    Vintage Metal Red and White Birdcage$52.00In Stock
    Vintage Microscope - 10/15$22.00In Stock
    Vintage Notary Seal Plates$7.50In Stock
    Vintage Painted Clock Case$38.00In Stock
    Vintage Rent Receipt Book and Holder $8.00In Stock
    Vintage Ring King Spiral Notebook$3.50In Stock
    Vintage Rogers Bros Gift Box$9.99In Stock
    Vintage Set of Dennison Household Boxes$18.50In Stock
    Vintage Simplex Wood Mounted Typewriter$28.00In Stock
    Vintage Sketch and Hanger - 9/15$22.00In Stock
    Vintage Survey Binoculars$18.00In Stock
    Vintage Tall French Lunch Pail - 5/1$74.00In Stock
    Vintage Tobacco Advertising Easel - SALE!$4.50In Stock
    Vintage Uncle Sam's Coin Bank$36.00In Stock
    Vintage Wedding Cake Topper$18.00In Stock
    Vintage Woven Indian Basket$26.00In Stock
    Vintage XL Billows Polaroid Camera$42.00In Stock
    Vintage Yearbook Print Blocks$4.50In Stock
    Set of 7 Antique Glass Hatpins $14.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Boy Scout Set - 1 - 4/15$36.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    1905 International Postage Stamp Album$18.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Beaded Pin Cushion$14.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Collar Case with Collars$42.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Coney Island Shell Purse$32.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Engraved Metal Album$68.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Family Reunion Photo – 1/15$9.99SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique French Beaded Wire$22.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique GIANT Products Catalog$18.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Gold Plated 3 Tier Medal$22.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Hardback IOOF Roll Books$12.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Hinged Wooden Storage Box$16.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Prairie Farmer Poultry Record Book$26.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Red Cast Iron Child's Sewing Machine$44.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Rusty American Family Scale- SALE!$26.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique S and S Wood Cigar Box$12.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Small Reynaldo Cigar Box$14.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Steel Cut Purse - SALE!$28.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Swiss Family Robinson$12.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Tin Ceiling Tiles$14.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Tin Cigar Box - SALE!$10.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Victorian Cameo Necklace$38.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Wire Glasses in Case - 10/14$22.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Child's Antique Floral Tea Set$12.50SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Cloche and Wood Base with Nest - 4/15$32.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Collection of Antique Lace Trim - 5/1$28.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Dark Green Blank Daybook$16.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Divided Tote with 4 Vintage Jars$42.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Early 1900's Advertising Notebooks$8.99SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Handmade Gemtype Necklace$48.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Industrial Brown & White Butcher Twine Spools$14.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Old, Skinny Hardware Store Drawers$28.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Rare Mother Goose Edition Old Maid Cards$16.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Re-Purposed Vintage Chemistry Stand Photo Holders - 9/15$22.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Set of 11 Yard Dominos$22.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Set of 15 Vintage Cracker Jack Charms$18.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Set of 2 Enamel Bowls - 8/15$18.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Set of 2 Pharmacy Label Rolls$10.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Set of 3 1920s Store Receipt Books - 8/15$24.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Set of 3 Antique Spelling and Writing Tablets$14.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Set of 3 Tiny Hardback Children's Books - 3/15$15.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Set of 3 Vintage Bound Notebooks - 4/15$12.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Set of 3 Vintage Punch Cards$8.99SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Set of 4 Vintage Numbered Toy Bowling Pins$12.50SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Set of 6 Dennison Seal Boxes$18.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Set of 6 Straw Baskets$14.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Set of 8 Bus Ticket Rolls$14.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Set of Vintage Doll Silverware in Caddy$18.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage 1950's Illustrated Dictionary - 4/15$14.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage 1QT Tin Pitcher$12.99SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Art Deco Clock Frame$18.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Baking Collection - 11/15$16.50SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Bates Numbering Machine$14.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Blue Flower Tin$18.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Boy Scout Set - 2- 4/15$36.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Brownie Starflex Camera w/ Flash -8/14$38.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Bubbleglass Water Jug$22.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Child's Play Collection - 3/15$19.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Desk Set - 2/16$18.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Devoe Watercolor Tin$14.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Embossed Picture and Letter Blocks - 7/15$32.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Fisher Price Cackling Hen$26.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Fruit Salad Necklace$42.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Government Surplus Catalog - SALE!$22.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Kodak Safelight - SALE!$42.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Mammoth Childrens Book$10.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Manly Collection - 4/15$34.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Marshall’s Photo Oil Colors$18.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Miss Little League Trophy$62.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Numbered Post Office Drawers - 10/14$16.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Office Set - 10/14$24.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Paper Covered Travel Trunk - 9/14$24.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Red Metal Child's Sewing Machine - 3/15$54.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Roll of Fuchsia Ribbon$14.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Scalloped Edge Floral Ribbon$14.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Set of Old Maid Games$14.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Short French Lunch Pail - 5/1$56.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Swirled Blue Seltzer Bottle$32.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Tin Ohio Art Globe - 3/15$42.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Tree Top Angel In Box$32.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Univex Movie Camera - SALE!$40.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage US Marine Cut Plug Tobacco Tin$22.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Way Rite Household Scale - SALE!$32.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Westclox Baby Ben Alarm Clock$12.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Wolverine Childs Fridge - 5/14 - SALE!$30.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Wooden Fairy Garden Fence$38.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Zippered Autograph Book$30.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    XL Baltimore Ohio Railroad Ledger$18.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT