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    1890's Addressed Envelopes$1.99In Stock
    1898 Photo Pin$16.00In Stock
    1918 Tiffin, OH College Yearbook$40.00In Stock
    1923 Tiffin, OH College Yearbook$40.00In Stock
    1927 Sears, Roebuck and Co. Catalog$48.00In Stock
    1931 Stone Field Corporation Catalog$48.00In Stock
    1950's Children's Activity Magazine$8.99In Stock
    Antique 1888 Hardback Religious Book - SALE!$18.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique 1890's Unused Checks$2.99In Stock
    Antique Album Page - Nine$8.99In Stock
    Antique check - West Virginia$2.99In Stock
    Antique Dues Postcard - late 1800's$2.99In Stock
    Antique Football Seals$1.99In Stock
    Antique IOOF Dues Receipt Ledger$36.00In Stock
    Antique Large Cabinet Cards$3.50In Stock
    Antique Nehi Premium Booklets$5.99In Stock
    Antique Newcomer Cigar Labels$1.99In Stock
    Antique Paper Masks$5.99SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Plain Cabinet Card Stock$4.99In Stock
    Antique Prescriptions$6.00In Stock
    Antique Promissory Notes$2.99In Stock
    Antique Salesman Sample Suitcase$54.00In Stock
    Antique Souvenir School Folders$8.50SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Uncle Bills Coffee Bags$4.50In Stock
    Early 1900's Advertising Notebooks$8.99In Stock
    Early 1900's Calendar Prints$6.99In Stock
    Large 1960's Boy Flashcard$9.99In Stock
    Large Ginn and Co. Flash Card - Chair $9.99SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Little Drummer Boy Labels$1.99In Stock
    Little Red Hardback Shakespeare Books$4.99In Stock
    October 2013 Antiquarian Add On Kit - Now 25% Off!$20.65In Stock
    Set of 2 Vintage Eye Water Boxes$5.99In Stock
    Set of 2 XL Mechanical Valentines$9.99In Stock
    Set of 3 Vintage Can Labels$5.99In Stock
    Set of 4 Vintage Easter Cards$5.99In Stock
    Set of 4 Vintage Extract Labels$1.99In Stock
    Set of 6 Antique Photographs$9.99In Stock
    Set of Vintage Business Forms$4.50In Stock
    Set of Vintage Index Tab Sheets$12.00In Stock
    Small Hardback Encyclopedias$6.99In Stock
    The Youth's Companion$9.00In Stock
    True Vintage - Price Signs$3.99In Stock
    True Vintage - Tickets$3.99In Stock
    Vintage 3 Ply Grocery Receipts$3.99In Stock
    Vintage Advertising Menswear Cards$4.50In Stock
    Vintage Advertising Notebooks$4.50In Stock
    Vintage Albany Mills Corn Meal Bags$3.50In Stock
    Vintage Allsweet Letterhead$2.99In Stock
    Vintage Belgium Fruit Labels$6.75In Stock
    Vintage Bible Game Cards$2.99In Stock
    Vintage Blank 4cent Postcards$3.99In Stock
    Vintage Blank Red 2 cent Postcards$0.99SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Blue Horse Typewriter Paper Pack$3.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Blue Ribbon Cigar Labels$2.50In Stock
    Vintage Brier Rose Labels$1.50In Stock
    Vintage Card Seed Co Envelopes$3.99In Stock
    Vintage Childs Stationary - Carnival$14.00In Stock
    Vintage Christmas Postcards$3.50In Stock
    Vintage Cigar Wrappers - Red & Green$5.50In Stock
    Vintage Coffee Bags$3.99In Stock
    Vintage Colonial Composition Books$6.99In Stock
    Vintage Cottage Cheese Caps$2.50In Stock
    Vintage Cowboy Stamp Envelopes$1.99In Stock
    Vintage Dennison Crepe Paper - Hot Pink$3.99In Stock
    Vintage Dennison Crepe Paper - Navy$3.99In Stock
    Vintage Easter Postcards$3.99In Stock
    Vintage Emerald Brand Coffee Bags$1.99SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Folding Price Tags$6.50In Stock
    Vintage French Embroidered Number Trim$9.99In Stock
    Vintage French Mineral Water Labels$1.99SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Fun Farm Cardboard Play Set$9.99In Stock
    Vintage Gelatine Recipe Book$9.99SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage German Scrap Kits Set$4.50In Stock
    Vintage Globe Pencil Tablets$7.99In Stock
    Vintage Government Surplus Catalog$30.00In Stock
    Vintage Green 1 Cent Postcards$3.50In Stock
    Vintage Grey and Pink Shelf Papers$5.99In Stock
    Vintage Handmade Bingo Card$6.50In Stock
    Vintage Horse Farm Stationary$3.99In Stock
    Vintage Hotel Travel Labels$2.99In Stock
    Vintage Ice Cream Boxes$3.99In Stock
    Vintage Jolly Jump-Ups Zoo Book$18.00In Stock
    Vintage La Mode Advertising Poster$3.99In Stock
    Vintage Maple Syrup Label$1.50In Stock
    Vintage Marion Cherries Labels$1.99In Stock
    Vintage Medical Envelopes$1.75In Stock
    Vintage Mini Numbered Notebooks$5.99SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Mother's Best Corn Meal Sack$6.99In Stock
    Vintage Music Books - hardcover$6.99SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Notion Company Blank Receipts$1.50In Stock
    Vintage Orange & Black Price Signs$2.50In Stock
    Vintage Paper Bridge Folders$2.99In Stock
    Vintage Paper Dog Food Bags$4.50In Stock
    Vintage Paper Pack$5.99In Stock
    Vintage Pillowcase Trim$3.99In Stock
    Vintage Price Tag Books - 2$3.50In Stock
    Vintage Queen Seal Labels$1.99In Stock
    Vintage Red Buckle Cards$2.50SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Red Velvet Flowers$4.99In Stock
    Vintage Red/Green Caps $3.50In Stock
    Vintage Report of Birth Card$1.50In Stock
    Vintage Royal Spelling Books$6.99In Stock
    Vintage School Notepads$5.99In Stock
    Vintage Shampoo Powder Labels$2.50In Stock
    Vintage Sheet Music- In Fairyland$3.99In Stock
    Vintage Sheet Music-Mossy Dell$3.99In Stock
    Vintage Sliding Bingo Cards$1.99In Stock
    Vintage Snow White Flour Sacks$3.00In Stock
    Vintage Sonny Boy Cigar Labels$1.99In Stock
    Vintage Tiny Leather Books-Green$4.99Temporarily sold outTemporarily sold out
    Vintage Toy Soldier Broom Label$1.50In Stock
    Vintage Unused Coke Writing Tablets$8.99In Stock
    Vintage Valentine Gift Card Set$2.25In Stock
    Vintage Valentine Plates$2.99In Stock
    Vintage Valentine Set - 1/14$9.99In Stock
    Vintage XL Cottage Cheese Caps$2.99In Stock
    Vintage XL Kraft Horse Sale Envelopes - 090112$2.50In Stock
    Vintage XL Sour Cream Caps$2.99In Stock

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