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     ItemOur Price# in Stock 
    1958 Silver Trophy Plate$22.00In Stock
    Antique Bisque Swimmer Doll$22.00In Stock
    Antique Camera W/Group Photo$34.00In Stock
    Antique Child's Tall Shoes$38.00In Stock
    Antique Houston's New Physical Geography Book$22.00In Stock
    Antique Photo in Frame - 10/14$12.00In Stock
    Antique Small Beaded Purse$42.00In Stock
    Antique Wire Glasses in Case - 10/14$22.00In Stock
    Handmade "Grace" Small Globe$18.00In Stock
    Retro Drink Carrier & 6 Deer Glasses$42.00In Stock
    Set of 2 Vintage Construction Company Badges$3.99In Stock
    Set of 4 Vintage Halloween Bottlecaps$2.99In Stock
    Set of 8 Vintage Orange & Black Milkcaps$3.99In Stock
    Set of Halloween Sequins$2.50In Stock
    Vinage Argus Seventy Five Camera w/Flash$42.00In Stock
    Vintage Bubbleglass Water Jug$22.00In Stock
    Vintage Denoyer - Geppert Co. Fold-Up Western U.S. Education Map$98.00In Stock
    Vintage Fold Up Denoyer-Geppert Co Artic Animal Poster$84.00In Stock
    Vintage Halloween Cupcake Pick Set$4.75In Stock
    Vintage Heavy Microscope$32.00In Stock
    Vintage Indian Basket - 10/14$42.00In Stock
    VIntage Kodak Duraflex II$42.00In Stock
    Vintage Marble Base Perpetual Calendar - 10/14$14.00In Stock
    Vintage Numbered Post Office Drawers - 10/14$16.00In Stock
    Vintage Office Set - 10/14$24.00In Stock
    Vintage Square Metal Locks$2.50In Stock
    Vintage Swimming Medals$2.50In Stock
    Antique Steel Stamp Holder - 10/14$64.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Collection of Vintage Artist Brushes$24.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Handmade "Found" XL Globe$42.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Handmade "Gather" XL Globe$42.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Handmade "Grace" Medium Globe$36.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    October 2014 Antiquarian Add On$27.50SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Blue Tonka Farms Truck$68.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Cooper Cheese Boxes$9.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Slide Projector Turntable$12.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT

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