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     ItemOur Price# in Stock 
    1930 XL Flash Card - Boy$10.00In Stock
    1930 XL Flash Card - Doghouse$10.00In Stock
    Antique American Flag$98.00In Stock
    Antique Celluloid Photo$14.00In Stock
    Antique Seashell Photo Souvenir$18.00In Stock
    Antique Wedding Portrait - 1 - 071514$22.00In Stock
    Antique Wedding Portrait - 2 - 071514$22.00In Stock
    Antique Wedding Portrait - 3 - 071514$14.00In Stock
    Set of 2 Metal Store Lead Dividers$7.50In Stock
    Set of 2 Vintage Hardware Store Jars$18.00In Stock
    Set of 2 Vintage Seashell Boxes$28.00In Stock
    Tiny Vintage Unused Perfume Bottles$3.99In Stock
    Vintage 1950's Homecoming Badges$7.00In Stock
    Vintage 1950's Swimming Trophy Tops$12.00In Stock
    Vintage Capitol Milk Bottles$14.00In Stock
    Vintage Double Mushroom Planter$22.00In Stock
    Vintage Florida Shell Dish$12.00In Stock
    Vintage Fruit Salad Necklace$42.00In Stock
    Vintage Green Flower Dish Set$11.99In Stock
    Vintage Grocery Pricing Stamp$3.50In Stock
    Vintage Incubation Thermometer$16.00In Stock
    Vintage Shopping Bag Handle$3.50In Stock
    Vintage Watch Keys$6.00In Stock
    Vintage Wedding Cake Topper$18.00In Stock
    XL Vintage Bingo Cards$4.99In Stock
    1930 XL Flash Card - Car$10.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Heavy Account Ledger - 7/14$42.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Illustrated Animal Book$18.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Ornate Journal - 7/14$22.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Pictorial Dictionary$14.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Pretty Pets Book$14.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Store Sign Holders$32.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Antique Thin Ledger - 7/14$22.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Set of 5 Vintage Bird Game Boards$26.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Black Leather Shoes$24.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Bluebird Platter$36.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Cragston Bank Safe$14.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Metal Souvenir Sewing Box $12.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage MOP Button Bracelet$38.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Shell Ceramic Mail Holder$14.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Toy Bingo Ball Cage$32.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT

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