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JBS Mercantile JBS Mercantile JBS Mercantile JBS Mercantile JBS Mercantile
JBS Mercantile
     ItemOur Price# in Stock 
    Vintage Aqua Glass Seltzer Bottles$26.00In Stock
    Vintage Boy Scout Set - 1 - 4/15$36.00In Stock
    1930's Cardboard Store Display- 4/15$48.00In Stock
    Antique Beaded Purse - 4/15$32.00In Stock
    Antique Collar Case with Collars$42.00In Stock
    Antique Framed Fern$58.00In Stock
    Antique Wooden Student Chalkboards$22.00In Stock
    Antique XL Postcard Folder from Berlin$16.00In Stock
    Cloche and Wood Base with Nest - 4/15$32.00In Stock
    Divided Tote with 4 Vintage Jars$42.00In Stock
    Set of 2 Vintage Amber Bottles$12.00In Stock
    Set of 3 1940 Autograph Books$28.00In Stock
    Set of 3 Vintage Bound Notebooks - 4/15$12.00In Stock
    Vintage 1950's Illustrated Dictionary - 4/15$14.00In Stock
    Vintage Boy Scout Set - 2- 4/15$36.00In Stock
    Vintage Chicken Farm Postcards$4.50In Stock
    Vintage Cream Enamel Optometrist Lenses$4.00In Stock
    Vintage Footed Silver Creamer - 4/15$16.00In Stock
    Vintage Homer and Laughlin Scalloped Creamers$10.50In Stock
    Vintage Industrial Brushes$7.00In Stock
    Vintage Mammoth Childrens Book$10.00In Stock
    Vintage Manly Collection - 4/15$34.00In Stock
    Vintage Metal Brach's Candy Display$58.00In Stock
    Vintage Miss Little League Trophy$62.00In Stock
    Vintage Paper Chinese Lanterns$5.50In Stock
    Vintage Plastic Wedding Bell Decorations$4.50In Stock
    Vintage Set of 13 Boy Scout Badges - 4/15$22.00In Stock
    Vintage Style Hanging Clipboard$18.50In Stock
    Vintage Swirled Blue Seltzer Bottle$32.00In Stock
    Vintage Wooden Fairy Garden Fence$38.00In Stock
    Vintage Woven Indian Basket$26.00In Stock
    Vintage Woven Plate Chargers$2.50In Stock
    Set of 5 Vintage Dennison Fruit Seals$16.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Set of 2 Leather Binders - 4/15$12.50SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Set of 3 Small Vintage Binders 4/15$14.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Dundee Marmalade Jar 4/15$28.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Horse and Colt Paint By Numbers$14.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Lab Stand with Glass Funnel$68.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Set of Glass Beaded Strawberries$18.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Vintage Shabby Pink Clock$26.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT