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JBS Mercantile JBS Mercantile JBS Mercantile JBS Mercantile JBS Mercantile
JBS Mercantile
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    Alterable Alphas - Graph$5.49In Stock
    Alterable Alphas - Ledger$5.49In Stock
    Alterable Alphas - Micro Dot$5.49In Stock
    Alterable Alphas - Numbers$5.49In Stock
    Chipboard Buttons - Office$3.75In Stock
    Crepe Paper Ribbon-Red$2.99In Stock
    Decorative Brads - Delicate$5.49In Stock
    Decorative Brads - Rhinestone$5.49In Stock
    Doily Flowers - Red$5.99In Stock
    Embellishment Lover's Kit - 75% Off$9.99In Stock
    Feather Tags - Kraft$4.99In Stock
    Feather Tags - Vintage$4.99In Stock
    Felt Butterflies Set$4.49In Stock
    Flatback - Icons$4.99In Stock
    Flatbacks - Chalkboard I$2.99In Stock
    Flatbacks - Chalkboard II$2.99In Stock
    Flatbacks - General Store$4.99In Stock
    Flatbacks - Reader$4.99In Stock
    Flatbacks - Speech Bubbles - Happy$2.99In Stock
    Flatbacks - Speech Bubbles - To Do$2.99In Stock
    Flatbacks - True Vintage$2.99In Stock
    Flatbacks - True Vintage II$2.99In Stock
    Mini Chipboard Pieces - Banner Shape$3.50In Stock
    Mini Chipboard Pieces - Flag -August Dime Store Deal!$0.99In Stock
    Mini Chipboard Pieces - Star$3.50In Stock
    Mini File Folders$4.99In Stock
    Paper Tape - Bleached Woodgrain $2.99In Stock
    Paper Tape - Double Chevron$2.99In Stock
    Paper Tape - Houndstooth$2.99In Stock
    Paper Tape - Notebook Grid$2.99In Stock
    Paper Tape - Sage Lace$2.99In Stock
    Paper Tape - Sideways Chevron$2.99In Stock
    Pearl and Rhinestone Charms - Black$3.75In Stock
    Pearl and Rhinestone Charms - Cream$3.75In Stock
    Pearl and Rhinestone Charms - Garnet$3.75In Stock
    Pearl Buttons - Blue$3.50In Stock
    Pearl Buttons - Cream$3.50In Stock
    Pearl Buttons - Orange$3.50In Stock
    Pearl Buttons - Pink$3.50In Stock
    Pearl Buttons - Red$3.50In Stock
    Pearl Buttons - Yellow$3.50In Stock
    Pearl Flowers - Cantaloupe$2.99In Stock
    Pearl Flowers - Cream Cheese$2.99In Stock
    Pearl Flowers - Maraschino$2.99In Stock
    Pearl Flowers - Powdered Sugar-SALE$2.99In Stock
    Plastic Ribbons - Celebrate$4.50In Stock
    Plastic Ribbons - Classic$4.50In Stock
    Plastic Ribbons - State Fair$4.50In Stock
    Printed Chipboard Pieces - Bingo Numbers$4.50In Stock
    Printed Chipboard Pieces - Watch Faces$4.50In Stock
    Printed Chipboard Shapes - Dominoes$4.50In Stock
    Printed Pockets - Kraft$4.75In Stock
    Printed Pockets - Vintage $4.75In Stock
    Printed Tags - Kraft Flag$4.99In Stock
    Printed Tags - Vintage Flag$4.99In Stock
    Printed Tickets - Baby Boy $3.75In Stock
    Printed Tickets - Baby Girl$3.75In Stock
    Printed Tickets - Christmas$3.75In Stock
    Printed Tickets - Frames$3.75In Stock
    Printed Tickets - Valentine's$3.75In Stock
    Printed Tickets- Name, Date, Place$3.75In Stock
    Printed Tickets- Smileys$3.75In Stock
    Rhinestone Bow Embellishment - Cream$4.50In Stock
    Rhinestone Bow Embellishment - Red$4.50In Stock
    Rhinestone Bow Embellishment - Yellow$4.50In Stock
    Sequins - Bloom$3.50In Stock
    Sequins - Butterfly Assortment$3.99In Stock
    Sequins - Classic Assortment$3.99In Stock
    Sequins - Doily Assortment$3.99In Stock
    Sequins - Pot of Gold Assortment$3.99In Stock
    Sequins - Triangles$3.50In Stock
    Stick Pins - Cream$3.75In Stock
    Stick Pins - Garnet$3.75In Stock
    True Vintage - Buttons$3.99In Stock
    True Vintage - Labels$3.99In Stock
    True Vintage - Milk Caps$3.99In Stock
    True Vintage - Price Signs$3.99In Stock
    True Vintage - Tickets$3.99In Stock
    Vellum Embellished Butterflies - Black$3.99In Stock
    Vellum Embellished Butterflies - Blue$3.99In Stock
    Vintage Sew-On Buttons - Black$4.75In Stock
    Vintage Sew-On Buttons - Brown$4.75In Stock
    Vintage Sew-On Buttons - Green$4.75In Stock
    Vintage Sew-On Buttons - Orange$4.75In Stock
    Vintage Sew-On Buttons - Pink$4.75In Stock
    Vintage Sew-On Buttons - White$4.75In Stock
    Vintage Sew-On Buttons Yellow$4.75In Stock
    Vintage Style Wooden Spools$5.50In Stock
    Wood Veneer - Buttons$4.50In Stock
    Wood Veneer - Cloud Bubbles$4.50In Stock
    Wood Veneer - Flash Cards$4.50In Stock
    Wood Veneer - Insta-Frames$5.99In Stock
    Chipboard Buttons - Vintage Christmas$4.50Temporarily sold outTemporarily sold out
    Printed Tickets - Girl Icons$3.75Temporarily sold outTemporarily sold out
    Printed Tickets- Punctuation$3.75Temporarily sold outTemporarily sold out
    Rhinestone Stars - Black$3.50SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Wood Veneer - Antique Album Book$5.99SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
    Wood Veneer - Composition Book$5.99SOLD OUTSOLD OUT