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JBS Mercantile JBS Mercantile JBS Mercantile JBS Mercantile JBS Mercantile
JBS Mercantile
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Antique Blue Mortgage Notes$8.00In Stock
Antique Lolita Cigar Labels$3.99In Stock
Antique Seashell Photo Souvenir$18.00In Stock
Flatbacks - Chalkboard I$2.99In Stock
Flatbacks - Chalkboard II$2.99In Stock
Flatbacks - True Vintage II$2.99In Stock
Mercantile Exclusive Stencil - Shooting Star$4.99In Stock
Mercantile Exclusive Stencil - Speech Bubbles$4.99In Stock
Rub-Ons - Dominos - Gold$3.75In Stock
Rub-Ons - Labeled - Gold $3.75In Stock
Rub-Ons - Pennants - Gold$3.75In Stock
Rub-Ons - Scattered Stars - Gold$3.75In Stock
Sansilk Crochet Cotton Sample Card$18.00In Stock
Sequins - Bloom$3.50In Stock
Sequins - Triangles$3.50In Stock
Set of 2 Antique Tall Photographic Folders$8.99In Stock
Set of 2 Brass Deer - 6/14$42.00In Stock
Set of 2 Vintage Hardware Store Jars$18.00In Stock
Set of 2 Vintage Seashell Boxes$28.00In Stock
Set of Vintage Sequinned Fruit$36.00In Stock
Silkline Crochet Cotton Sample Card$18.00In Stock
Stencil - Plus One$4.99In Stock
Stencil - Shooting Star$4.99In Stock
Stencil - Southwest $4.99In Stock
Tiny Vintage Unused Perfume Bottles$3.99In Stock
Vintage 1939 Summer Montgomery Ward Catalog$32.00In Stock
Vintage 1950's Swimming Trophy Tops$12.00In Stock
Vintage Capitol Milk Bottles$14.00In Stock
Vintage Child's Saddle Oxfords$9.99In Stock
Vintage Chippy Corner Window Trim$8.99In Stock
Vintage Class Photo Collection$24.00In Stock
Vintage Double Mushroom Planter$22.00In Stock
Vintage Graphic Dot Pyrex Bowl$36.00In Stock
Vintage Grocery Pricing Stamp$3.50In Stock
Vintage Incubation Thermometer$16.00In Stock
Vintage Rogers Bros Gift Box$9.99In Stock
Vintage Shopping Bag Handle$3.50In Stock
Vintage Westclox Baby Ben Alarm Clock$12.00In Stock
Wood Veneer - Buttons$4.50In Stock
Wood Veneer - Cloud Bubbles$4.50In Stock
Wood Veneer - Composition Book$5.99In Stock
Wood Veneer - Flash Cards$4.50In Stock
Wood Veneer - Insta-Frames$5.99In Stock
Reproduction Glittered German Scrap Animals$4.50SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
Sequins - Crystal Clear$3.50SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
Vintage Tin Basketweave Picnic Basket$36.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
Wood Veneer - Antique Album Book$5.99SOLD OUTSOLD OUT