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JBS Mercantile JBS Mercantile JBS Mercantile JBS Mercantile JBS Mercantile
JBS Mercantile
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1926 Penmanship Scale Fold Out Sheets$3.99In Stock
Antique Our Pet Cigar Box$14.50In Stock
Antique Small Reynaldo Cigar Box$14.00In Stock
Antique Triumph Music Book$18.00In Stock
Antique Victorian Photo Album - Sept 14$86.00In Stock
Antique Wooden Sign Stamp Set - Sept 14$62.00In Stock
Flatbacks - Chalkboard I$2.99In Stock
Flatbacks - Chalkboard II$2.99In Stock
Flatbacks - True Vintage II$2.99In Stock
Mercantile Exclusive Stencil - Shooting Star$4.99In Stock
Mercantile Exclusive Stencil - Speech Bubbles$4.99In Stock
Rub-Ons - Dominos - Gold$3.75In Stock
Rub-Ons - Labeled - Gold $3.75In Stock
Rub-Ons - Pennants - Gold$3.75In Stock
Rub-Ons - Scattered Stars - Gold$3.75In Stock
Sequins - Bloom$3.50In Stock
Sequins - Triangles$3.50In Stock
Set of 2 Kindergarten Lined Pads - Sept 14$12.00In Stock
Set of 2 Vintage Advertising Rulers$22.00In Stock
Stencil - Plus One$4.99In Stock
Stencil - Shooting Star$4.99In Stock
Stencil - Southwest $4.99In Stock
Vintage Art Deco Clock Frame$18.00In Stock
Vintage Brownie Hawkeye w/Flash - Sept 14$38.00In Stock
Vintage Brownie Starflex Camera w/ Flash -8/14$38.00In Stock
Vintage Football Game Players$6.50In Stock
Vintage French to English Dictionary$12.50In Stock
Vintage Genius Ruled Tablet$8.00In Stock
Vintage Leather Handbag$22.00In Stock
Vintage Page of School Photos - 3$9.99In Stock
Vintage Rolodex File Jr. $22.00In Stock
Vintage School Days Collection$34.00In Stock
Vintage Watch Vial Set$6.00In Stock
Vintage XL Billows Polaroid Camera$42.00In Stock
Wood Veneer - Buttons$4.50In Stock
Wood Veneer - Cloud Bubbles$4.50In Stock
Wood Veneer - Composition Book$5.99In Stock
Wood Veneer - Flash Cards$4.50In Stock
Wood Veneer - Insta-Frames$5.99In Stock
A Child's Book of Numbers$9.99SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
Antique Autographs Book - 1 - 9/14$18.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
Antique Autographs Book - 2 - 09/14$18.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
Antique Autographs Book 3 - 9/14$22.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
Antique Mars Pencil Tin$18.99SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
Antique Postcard Album - Sept 14$22.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
Antique Rich's Cigar Tin$9.99SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
Antique Rosary and Pouch$32.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
Antique Stencil Brush Set$12.50SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
Set of 2 Vintage Think and Do Workbooks$14.50SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
Set of 6 Dennison Office Supply Boxes$18.50SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
Victorian Red Jewelry Box$24.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
Vintage Boxed Set Brownie Hawkeye Outfit$46.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
Vintage Double Decker Steel Stamp Holder$58.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
Vintage Page of School Photos - 1$9.99SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
Vintage Page of School Photos - 2$9.99SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
Vintage Stori-Viewer Set$24.00SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
Wood Veneer - Antique Album Book$5.99SOLD OUTSOLD OUT